More symptoms of bpd


Some uncommon BPD Symptoms

-have food habits that strongly resemble those found in a person with bulimia or anorexia

-experience mood alterations that closely mimic major depression or less severe forms of depression

-experience the potentially extreme manic episodes found in people with bipolar

-experience recurring panic attacks, like a person with a panic disorder

-get involved in alcohol abuse or virtually any form of drug/medication abuse


Some "embarassing" BPD Symptoms

-constantly craving reassurance/validation


-black and white thinking


-paranoia about relationships

-fearing abandonment

-age regression

-being unable to take criticism


-pushing people away

-being "clingy"

-being unable to control emotional "outbursts"


-picking fights with loved ones

-explosive anger

-feeling like you're "too much"

-being consumed by sex

-having inappropriate reactions

-feeling "irrational"

-needing to have a "favorite person"

-"flaking" on plans

-being obsessive

-being the center of conversations

-manipulating others without meaning to

-not knowing who you are


Common BPD Symptoms

-chronic emptiness

-lack of identity

-high sexual drive


-can't stop spiraling

-extreme bouts of paranoia

-intensity of emotions

-fear of abandonment


-not knowing who you are

-never knowing if you're overreacting

-feeling nothing

-quick changing mindset and personality

-urge to fight with others

-impulses to self-harm


-constant dissociation

-fear of abandoning others

-feeling they can be rejected at any moment

-lack of emotional permanence

-work perfection

-feelings of jealousy

-never knowing which thoughts are yours and which are bpd

More BPD Symptoms

-may have had adult responsibilities at very young ages

-often had unique non-typical parent/child relationships

-may choose to dye hair vibrant. non-traditional colors, penchant for new looks, "starting fresh"

-apt to perceive they are not well-liked by others, however in actuality others often appreciate their company due to a "go with the flow" attitude as well as independent spirit and charismatic personality

-has had tattoos. piercings, has to do with "piercing the numbness"

-communication preference for symbols, pictures, analogies, rather than solely words

-prefers that actions serve as proof of intentions, words carry little weight

-particularly difficult time trusting others

-often views issues from a "glass half empty" point of view

-may easily lose motivation to move forward in a relationship if there is even a slight perception of rejection

-make optimal pet owners, very patient, "pets do not judge"

-often identifies with cats, respect must be earned

-prefer horror/thriller movies

-risk taking and seize the day mentality revered

-in work environments broad structure and general routines are helpful, micromanagement is not well-received

-decisions very often made due to hunches and intuition

-will commonly share a great deal of personal information as means to bond with others

-can very accurately discern a person's emotional state via close examination of their body posture, breathing rate, and physical cues